The Craft Food Series

Vozars restaurant, CELIA Lager & Riso Gallo presents The Craft Food Series: a trio of pop-up events celebrating delicious food & great craft beer. The 1st Tuesday of every month from October to December.

Join us for The Craft Food Revolution; we’ll introduce you to exciting flavours never before experienced! These events will marry unique flavours with classic dishes giving you new taste sensations. Our chefs have created a whole host of delights from beer infused gelato to hop marinated Camembert.


Whether you’re a foodie, craft beer fan or just love to experiment – this is for you.

Hop Infusion | 7th October 2014 | 6.30pm @Vozars

Forget Oktoberfest, we’re giving you more than just beer and a sausage. This evening will feature a specially crafted menu where every dish contains craft beer – specifically CELIA Lager – even the dessert! Think traditional Czech beef goulash with a rich, hoppy gravy, Beer Roasted Lamb and Mushroom Risotto cooked in Pilsner Stock all accompanied by various spicy, bitter and sweet notes from the beer. There’ll also be a whole host of delicious pilsner cocktails ranging from refreshing Cucumber Breeze to Spicy Ginger Pils.

View the full menu here & buy tickets here: £28 – three courses & a bottle of CELIA Lager


Burmese Graze| 4th November 2014 | 6.30pm @Vozars

Curry and beer is a tried and tested combination but have you ever had traditional Burmese curry? We’re partnering with a Burmese chef to create a menu where each dish is paired with CELIA Lager (which uses Saaz hops – famous for their delicate spice and aromatic aroma) to introduce you to heaps of new flavours! From melt in the mouth lamb curries to zingy tamarind aubergine there’ll be something to suit all tastes.

Spiced Winter Warmer | 2nd December 2014 | 6.30pm @Vozars

This event will see a mix of beer infused dishes with a wintery, Christmas twist. It’s cold outside but we’ve got you covered with our uniquely created ‘warming’ menu – it’s guaranteed to heat you up! Featuring everything from boozy chocolate puds served with hot beer caramel sauce to mulled craft beer, spicy dishes with chestnuts and spice flavoured cocktails. It’s guaranteed to be all kinds of delicious!


Naturally, all these events will be gluten-free