Tripadvisor – We recently made it  to #1 of 17,232 restaurants out of ALL restaurants in London which we’re extremely proud of and we will do our best to stay here!

Gluugle –  A fantastic app for users to share tips and recommendations for the gluten-free community. Check out our review page on gluugle here:

Gluten-Free in London -  Brixton: Vozars, a new gluten-free haven

The Happy Coeliac - The third fourth beer

Gluten free by the sea – Eating out gluten-free in London

Gluten free gorging - I tentatively asked the waiter if they did a gluten-free beer

Little missed gluten – Simply the best :)

The Ham and Egger files – A great gluten free meal at Vozars restaurant in Brixton

Adventurous me, gluten-free – A gluten-free tweet up

Ilumi – An evening to remember at Vozars!